Holiday Activities

We offer regular school holiday activities throughout the year. All our activities are free of charge and are planned by the young people. The activities offer positive experiences and reduce the risk of involvement in anti-social behavior though boredom. They enable young people to have time away from the estate, have fun with friends and help with learning through social experiences and opportunities.

“I had to ring Wet and Wild and find out the prices, then we worked out that getting the Metro to South Gosforth and changing trains there was the cheapest way to get to Tynemouth.” 

“The workers ask us where we want to go on days out that involve teamwork, like the camping trip. Through teamwork we created a bond with each other and become closer friends.”

“The trip to Flamingo Land was absolutely brilliant we all love it, it was nice to get away from here. I think the adults enjoyed it more than the kids. Even the rain didn’t spoil the day!” Parent

“It’s not very often we get away, it took some organising to get everyone’s money and get booked up but it was a fantastic day, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the bairns were no bother.”